Home Inspiration


Ceviche with gapzacho sorbet en beer crisp

Pétale Chocolate Noisette with Kalamansi Cream

Cold-smoked salmon with crispies

Parmesan cheese cracker with tomato

Ring of Burrata with tomato and Basil Spongecake

Ring of Burrata with tomato and Basil Spongecake finished with Rice Crispies Tomato

Cremeux of hazelnut

Cremeux of hazelnut made with Natural Paste Hazelnut and Gelatin Powder.


Ganache made with Agar+

Yogurt Taco Culinary Innovators '22

Pumpkin crisp

Chocolate Crisp

Summer Dessert

Raspberry Crisp

Chocolate & Caramel Crisp

Spongecake of green herbs with smoked eel

Passion fruit crémeux with chocolate crunch

Spongecake of green herbs

Sugar ball with yogurt espuma

Sugar ball with yoghurt espuma and white chocolate crémeux

Tarte Citron with Meringue Italienne

Cold-smoked salmon with sour cream textures

Bordalou Parisienne

Forest in the woods

Red Fruit Gel

Red Fruit gel made with Emulbinder from New Tex.

Coulis of Pornstar Martini

Coulis of Pornstar Martini made with Embulbinder from New Tex

Calamansi cream

Calamansi cream made with Creamy Gel

Calamansi cream with spongecake almond

Vinegar gel

Dried Green Herb Spongecake