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At Didess, we are all about providing high-quality, artisanal products, developed with the utmost care and expertise. Whether it's delicious butter biscuits, decorations, colourful crackers or easy dessert solutions, ... we have it all.

The different brands, Frozen Elements by Didess, Didess for Bakeries, New Tex by Didess and Food Revolution by Didess are proof of our vision and creativity. With a wide range of products, we aim to help chefs boost their creativity and create tasty dishes.

At Didess, we believe in working closely with our customers to develop products which meet their specific needs and requirements. Together, we can enrich the food world and create new culinary experiences.

New Tex By Didess' innovative products take your dishes to the next level and put something special on the table. Our products support chefs looking for creative and flavourful textures. By combining your own creativity and our raw materials & semi-finished products, you make your dishes shine and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Photographer: Stefan Rustenburg

At New Tex By Didess, we join forces with Piet van Steenbergen, the creative brain behind New Tex, and Dirk from Didess, known for his tasteful decorations. Together, we provide complete chef support, so you can always rely on consistently high quality while putting your own creative stamp on your dishes.

Whether you choose binders to make your own decorations or ready-to-use pankos and crispies to add extra texture to your dishes, New Tex By Didess products will create a surprising mouthfeel and beautiful presentation.

In today's catering kitchens, semi-finished products are increasingly in demand due to staff shortages and time constraints. At New Tex By Didess, we understand these needs and offer a solution that enables chefs to create the most creative and flavourful dishes quickly and easily. Rely on our range of innovative products and let your dishes shine!