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Green Herbs

Green Herbs

Gluten-free corn flour-based panko flavoured with green herbs.

6551 Article number
750 g Content
14 x ø10cm Packaging
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Instructions for use

  • The pankos are suitable for breadcrumbing fish, meat and snacks, maintaining colour after frying or baking. Can also be used as a crumble or garnish.

Storage advice

  • Store at room temperature in closed packaging.


Serve as crumble, decoration or breadcrumbs. "Inspired By New Tex"

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Green Herbs


Sushi with Corn Panko Green Herbs

Sushi finished with Corn Panko Green Herbs.

Lamb fillet with Corn Panko Green Herbs

Deep-fried burrata

Deep-fried burrata with Corn Panko Green Herbs

Beetroot tartare

Lacquered eggplant

Breadcrumbed mini burrata