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This sugar substitute is ideal in savoury applications and is very soluble in liquids. Low in calories. Gives a nice colouring just like when using sugar.

6503 Article number
2 kg Content
Bucket Packaging

1-to-1 with sugar

Melting point: 60 °C

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Storage advice

  • Store at room temperature in closed container
  • Freezer-safe


  • Should be mixed with liquids, not in doughs
  • Cold and hot soluble


  • Savoury preparations
  • (Savoury) Sorbets
  • Vegetable creams
  • Savoury sponge cake
  • Meringues


  • Low in calories
  • 1/10 sweet value of sugar, less sweet than Palatinose & Isomalt
  • Very soluble in liquids
  • Ideal for savoury preparations
  • Colouring when used identical to sugar
  • Alcohol- and acid-resistant
  • Water-absorbent
  • Mix with dry substance first, otherwise clumping
  • Cannot crystallise out


Sugar substitutes for all your sweet and savoury creations. "Inspired by New Tex"

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Pan Cristal with tomato carpaccio and burrata cream

Ring of Burrata with tomato and Basil Spongecake

Ring of Burrata with tomato and Basil Spongecake finished with Rice Crispies Tomato

Pumpkin crisp

Chocolate Crisp

Raspberry Crisp

Chocolate & Caramel Crisp

Spongecake of green herbs with smoked eel

Spherical olive with crispy pumpkin

Beetroot tartare

Passion fruit crémeux with chocolate crunch

Spongecake of green herbs

Pistachio crisp with Mini Quenelle Caramel

Crispy carrot

Dried Green Herb Spongecake

Whisky ice cream with pineapple

Ceviche with gapzacho sorbet en beer crisp