Discover our delicious puffed rice balls with a refreshing coating of orange, lemon and lime. These light and crispy balls are made of high-quality puffed rice and covered with a fresh, sour, fruity coating of citrus fruits.

6531 Article number
360 g Content
14 x ø10cm Packaging
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Instructions for use

  • Serve as crumble, decoration or breadcrumbs. These crispies are also perfect for deep-frying.

Storage advice

  • Store at room temperature in closed packaging.


  • Breakfast cereals: Add the citrus balls to yoghurt, milk or oatmeal for a refreshing and crunchy addition to your breakfast
  • Salads: Sprinkle the citrus balls over a salad for extra texture and flavour.
  • Snack bars: Use the citrus balls as an ingredient in homemade snack bars or energy bars for extra crunch and flavour
  • Desserts: Use the citrus balls as a topping for ice cream or panna cotta or incorporate them into your favourite dessert recipes for an extra citrusy twist
  • Asian dishes: Use the citrus balls as a topping for sushi or as an ingredient in wok dishes for extra crunch and flavour.


Serve these airy and puffed rice balls as crumble, decoration or use as breadcrumbs. "Inspired By New Tex"

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