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Inulines Blend

Inulines Blend

Blend of different fibres. Gives a greasy and creamy mouthfeel without using oil or cream. The Inulines Blend is ideal to use in the vegan kitchen, gastronomy and patisserie. The blend should be dissolved in a liquid, not in fats.

6519 Article number
500 g Content
14 x ø10cm Packaging


Melting point: 3-21°C

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Instructions for use

  • 30 - 100 g/l, process at 3 - 21°C. Mixing required. Cold and hot soluble and processable. Maximum consumption 30gr/day Dissolve first in liquid, not in fat. Freezeproof.

Storage advice

  • Store at room temperature in closed packaging.


  • Mixing required
  • Cold and hot soluble and processable
  • Maximum consumption 15-30g/day
  • Dissolve in liquid first, not in fats


  • Cremeux
  • Mousses
  • Ice Cream
  • Crèmes


  • Ideal for vegan applications
  • Reducing fat in your preparations
  • Providing a salty mouthfeel in your recipes
  • Butter and cream replacement/reducing
  • Alcohol- and acid-resistant


The answer to all those who are looking for better and new textures in the contemporary gastronomy and patisserie. "Inspired by New Tex"

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